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Christmas Light
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Welcome to Christmas Light

Before you click the next page, take a few minutes to just listen...


When you were just a child...

You experienced life

In a pure and beautiful way.


There was magic.

There was sweetness.

Christmas filled you with awe and wonder.

There was simplicity.


Then you grew older,

And you let this go.


But it not gone.

It still lives.

Within you.

You only have to seek.

And you'll find that it is really still there.


All of it.



Christmas is a sacred time.

It is a celebration of the greatest aspects of mankind.

It is a celebration of peace on Earth.

It is a celebration of spiritual enlightenment.

It is an opportunity to re-dedicate ourselves

To the highest spiritual ideals

And to remember the message of Christmas:


Just love one another.

Just listen...