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Christmas Light
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And so, this is Christmas...



And so this is Christmas, as John Lennon once said, and what have we done? As we think back on what the human race has done, it looks like the world is going through a period of darkness. Fear has become a greater force in the world. Mankind's inhumanity to mankind is prolific and widespread. Not only are these things happening on a macro level, but they are happening on an individual level in our own lives, for are not we a part of the world in which we live? It is easy to become despondent when we think of these things.


But Christmas is a time when hope becomes renewed. For Christians and non-Christians alike, people seem to soften. The innocence and sweetness of children becomes a model for us all. Our wooden hearts open a bit.  Our hurt melts into compassion. Personally, it is my belief that this is how we can change the world. This is how we can move mountains.  Love really is the most powerful force in the universe, and the way to experience true Love is to totally surrender to It.


As a gift to all, we offer the song "Surrender" in its entirety as a free MP3 download.  Click the photo below and choose "save" to download Surrender.


Steve Holt


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Or ... Right-Click and choose "save target as" to download SURRENDER. It's yours to keep.