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Christmas Light
About Us
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Inner Music is a full service music creation, production, and licensing company. We are based in Toronto, Canada. For more information, visit our website at ...


TECHNICAL INFO: The Inner Music Studio is no ordinary recording studio. It is our personal space to create music for you. It is where ideas are nurtured and allowed to grow into finished works. The Inner Music Studio is a fully-equipped 24 track facility, complete with its own 24 channel in-line console plus 12 additional outboard microphone preamps from companies like Neve and API, 22 channels of outboard dynamics, 13 channels of outboard EQ, a spectacular microphone collection, and a Yamaha grand piano. With its superb monitoring capability featuring the JBL LSR28P bi-amped monitors, the studio is a place to generate ideas and create musical finished product for albums as well as film and television.