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Pg. 2 - Mar/Apr 2000
Pg. 3 - July 2000 Off-season
Pg. 4 - 2004, 10 Days Out
Pg. 5 - 2004 OPA National Qualifier
Pg. 6 - 2004, Competition Day
Pg. 7 - 2004 CBBF World Qualifier
Steve Holt - Photo Journal


These photos are from March 2000.
Newest photos are on page 7...

Bodybuilding is more than a hobby for me. It's a passion, a way I celebrate life. Here I have assembled some photographs from the year 2000, my first year of competition.

My first competition was on March 18 2000, at the CFFC Provincial Natural Championships in Newmarket, Ontario. All CFFC contestants are drug-tested at the event. Being my first time out, my posing was weak and I held too much water. I learned a lot after watching the video.


The next competition was one week later, at a BAO sponsored event in Scarborough, Ontario. The event was not drug-tested.  As a natural athlete, my purpose at this show was to gain experience in competing. My performance was much improved, and my water management was better. Finally, on April 15 2000 I entered the ANBC Lion Country Classic, held in State College Pennsylvania. Here is where I had the most fun, and felt the best about my condition and performance.

These two photos were taken on March 15 2000, three days out from my first competition.

Pg. 2 - Mar/Apr 2000