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Steve Holt's CKD Routine



Rev. 1




3 Way Split, 4 Workouts per Week
















Week 1

Week 2


The key changes in this revision are as follows:





Monday - Chest, Delts, Biceps

Monday - Back, Rear Delt, Triceps

1. Full body workout (FBW) added, just prior to carb load.

Machine  Flys



This idea here is to further deplete glycogen stores, and to

Incl. DB

B/O Row or Single DB Row


allow incoming carbs to be routed efficiently to all muscles.

Military Press OR DB Shoulder Press

Seated Hi Row or Single Cable Row


2. Workout schedule revised to 4 days/week.

BB Front Raise

Lying Bench DB Raise OR Rear Delt Mach


This allows for a day off on Friday, the day before the FBW

Cable Curls

Lying French Press EZ


and the carb load. I don't want to have worked any muscle

Seated DB Curls

Seated Ezbar OH


 groups the day before the FBW.

Conc Curls

Single Arm Pressdown


3. Split routine revised from 4-way to 3-way




This is to accommodate the shorter workout schedule. In order

Tuesday-  Legs

Tuesday-  Legs


 to accomplish this, I added rear delt to the Back/Tris day and


Leg Press


I added front & medial delts to Chest/Bi day. I also alternate the

Leg Ext

Front Squats OR Hack Squats


Chest-Delts-Bis and the Back-Rear-Delt-Tris so that every other

Leg Curl

Sissy Sq OR Leg Ext


week one of those workouts has a turn at being the first




workout following the carb-up.  This Monday workout typically




 is a stronger workout due to the full compensated or

Thursday - Back, Rear Delt, Triceps

Thursday - Chest, Delts, Biceps


supercompensated glycogen stores.


Cable Cross



T Bar Row

Incl BP - BB



Seated Low Row WG or NG

DB Side Lateral Raises



B/O DB Raise

Alt DB Front Raise



Lying DB extension

Preacher DB Curls 4



Seated Single DB OH

Outside DB Curls 4



Pressdown  UH Bar








Saturday - Full Body

Saturday - Full Body



Leg Press 3x8-10

Hack Squat 3x8-10



Leg Curl 1x10-12

Leg Curl 1x10-12



Seated Calf Raise 2x10-12

Seated Calf Raise 1x10-12



Standing Calf Raise 1x10-12

Standing Calf Raise 2x10-12



Incline BP - BB 3x8-10

Incline BP - DB 3x8-10



Seated Hi Row WG 3x8-10

Seated Low Row WG 3x8-10



DB Shoulder Press 2x10-12

Military Press 2x10-12



Machine Lat PD 1-2x10-12

Machine Lat PD 1-2x10-12



Bi / Tri Superset

Bi / Tri Superset