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Steve Holt's CKD Routine  Posted Feb 17, 2004.
It's early days on the CKD yet, so I'll probably tweak the routine a bit as we go forward.
Week 1 Week 2
Monday - Chest & Biceps Monday - Chest & Biceps
Incl. Flys Incl. Cable Flys
Incl. DB Incl BB
Mach Flys Cable Cross
Cable Curls Outside DB Curls
Seated Curls Preacher DB Curls
Conc Curls Hammer Curls
Tuesday Legs Tuesday Legs
Squats Leg Press
Leg Ext Front Squats OR Hack Squats
Leg Curl Sissy Sq
Calfs Calfs
Thursday - Back & triceps Thursday - Back & triceps
Pullups Pullups
T Bar Row B/O Row or Single DB Row
Seated Low Row WG or NG Seated Hi Row or Single Cable Row
Lying DB extension Lying French Press EZ
Seated Single DB OH Seated Ezbar OH 
Pressdown  UH Bar Single Arm Pressdown
Friday - Delts & Calfs Friday - Delts & Calfs
Single Cable Lateral raises Lying DB Side Lateral Raises
Military Press Seated  DB Side Lateral Raises
BB Front Raise DB Shoulder Press
Upright BB row Alt DB Front Raise Neutral
Incl DB Rear Delt B/O DB rear Delt OR Seated rear Delt Raise
Shrugs Shrugs
Calfs Calfs
Saturday - Full Body Saturday - Full Body
Leg Press 3x8-10 Hack Squat
Leg Curl 1x10-12 Leg Curl
Calf Raise 2x10-12 Calf Raise
Incline BP - BB 3x8-10 Incline BP - DB
Seated Hi Row WG 3x8-10 Seated Low Row WG
DB Shoulder Press 2x10-12 Military Press
Machine Lat PD 1-2x10-12 Machine Lat PD
Begin carb-up after the Saturday full body workout and continue to end of Sunday evening