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The Beginner Weight Trainee


© Steve Holt

March 4, 2008


Here’s a quick and dirty “how-to” on weight training, designed to get you into the gym with a minimal amount of fuss.


For our purposes, the body can be divided into five main regions. They are back, chest, shoulders, arms, and legs.  You cannot leave out a region, even if you don’t care what it looks like or if you’re happy with the way it looks.  For example, when I first started lifting weights I had no interest in training legs. I wanted a better looking upper body, and thought my legs were fine the way they were.  If you do leave out a region, it will soon catch up with you. You will end up being out of proportion, you’ll look strange, and – most importantly - injuries will occur. Work on all five regions of the body.


Beginner Compound Exercise Routine   (2 Day Split)





Reps = repetitions. How many times you lift the weight without resting.

Sets = When you put the weight down and rest for a couple of minutes, you have completed 1 set.

3x8 means you must do 3 sets, each set consisting of 8 reps.


Day 1 - Back/Chest/Shoulders

Chest - Bench Press 3x8

Chest – Pec Deck Machine 3x12-15

Back – Lat Pulldown Machine 3x8-10

Back - Seated Row 3x10

Delt - DB Shoulder Press 3x12

Delt - DB Lateral Raise 3x12


Day 2 – Legs, Arms

Quads – Leg Press 5x8

Quads – Leg Extension Machine 3x12

Quads – Leg curl Machine 3x12

Calf - Standing Calf Machine 3x15-20

Biceps – Seated DB Curl 2-3x10

Triceps – V-Bar Cable Pressdowns 2-3x10